Wrasfer Patient Transfer Sheet

The Wrasfer Patient Transfer Sheet is designed for use by paramedics, in A&E wards, nursing homes & a host of many other situations where there is a need to transfer an otherwise immobile person and / or capture bodily liquids without it leaking / spilling out. It provides clean emergency bedding for patients who need to be transferred from one carrier to another, or repositioned like from an ambulance gurney to the hospital / surgical bed and more. It is not designed as a transportation sheet. The sheet is a highly absorbent of 200 kg and can absorb up to 5 liters of liquids.

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MST-MED-0001Wrasfer Patient Transfer with Fluid Absorption
Packed 20pcs / case
Lead time: Ex - stock else is 6-8 weeks upon confirmation of order.
Newest model supports up to 200kg and 5 liters of fluids.Safe moving, transfer of an otherwise immobile person by other able bodied persons.