Temporary Anchorage

Anchorage connectors, as defined by OSHA, are secure fall protection anchor points of attachment for lifelines, lanyards or deceleration devices and are designed to hold fast under the forces generated during a fall. Anchorage connectors vary by industry, job, type of installation and structure.

An anchorage connector may be a beam anchor, hook, tie-off adaptor, D-ring plate, tripod, davit or other secure device that serves as a point of attachment.

Fall protection anchors and anchorage connectors must be independent and capable of supporting 5,000 lbs. per worker attached, or they may be designed, installed and used under the supervision of a qualified person as part of a complete personal fall arrest system that maintains a safety factor of at least two times the maximum arresting force. Anchors must be located high enough for a worker to avoid contact with a lower level should a fall occur.

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Temporary Fall AchorageTemporary fall anchorages from 3M, Protecta & DBI-Sala are designed to be able to support the minimum required energy absorption that would occur in fall and be portable. It is the user's responsibility to verify that the structure that you attaching the temporary anchorage to is able to support a minimum of 5,000lbs (2,268kg) lifting weight.Fall protection from heightDownload Catalog