Spill Response Cabinet

A spill response cabinet / cart is a quick way to deploy what you need to respond safely and securely to any spill that happens in your facility(ies). Dedicated compartments for your PPE – from respiratory protection, gloves, coveralls – even your Wellington boots, safety cones and / or SCBAs and sorbents! Comes with lockable wheels so that it stays put on uneven ground and can be powder coated to a color of your choice (within reason). Has space for safety barrier tapes and can also be fitted to be lockable with a “Smash for Key” section.

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EMR-CAB-0001INⓇ Emergency Response Cabinet - safety green, mild steel, storage cabinet for PPE on wheels with key + lock.
Lead time: 2 - 4 weeks upon confirmation of order.
Color can be customized along with the inner design for storage i.e. drawers etc.Quick deployment for PPE & sorbents etc that's needed for safe response to most spills.N/A