Pre-printed solutions

When you need general safety & facility identification, and the simplicity of stock labels is what you’re looking for, check out the growing list of available pre-printed solutions sourced both locally and from overseas with a wide range of stock messages, iconography and messages.

BDY-TAP-0027BradyⓇ 104509 Pedestrian Traffic Only Label
Lead time : 3- 5 weeks upon confirmation of order
Available in other sizes / colors.Safe & effective communication for pedestrian traffic.N/A
AT-LAB-0004AT Label Vinyl Sticker for Waste Labelling
200mm x 300mm
Printed with Logos, tables for Kod Buangan, Nama Penjana, Alamat Penjana, No Telefon Penjana & etc
Packed 1 pc
Lead time: 2 - 4 weeks upon confirmation of order
Available with various iconography based on scheduled waste type.Safe labeling for scheduled waste for disposal bags.N/A