Fixed Gas Detectors

Fixed gas detectors are generally installed in large facilities and are used to both detect major leaks and as an early warning of gas leaking from a particular system. Fixed gas detection systems are configured using relays and customizable alarm point settings. These settings ensure that fixed gas detectors respond quickly to atmospheric hazards. Relays provide a number of functions that can be crucial to saving lives, including opening/closing ventilation and exhaust fans, triggering auditory and visual alarms, and closing electronic valves.

HON-GAS-0003Honeywell Sensepoint XCD ATEX/IECEX & AP approved SP XCD Flammable CAT,0-100%LEL (20,0- 100.0%LEL) with SS316, M20 Entry.
Lead time: 5 - 7 weeks upon confirmation of order
Sensepoint XCD RFD (Remote Flammable Detector) has been specifically designed for use with remotely mounted flammable gas sensors.

This configuration is ideal for applications where the sensor is required to be mounted remotely from the transmitter in areas where temperatures are well above ambient (up to 150°C/302°F), or that are difficult to access.

The transmitter can be mounted at a suitable location away from this area where it is easy to access, view its display and interact with via the user interface.
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HON-GAS-0004Honeywell Sensepoint XRL Bluetooth, Yellow,4-20mA, ATEX/IECEx
Sensepoint XRL issupplied with registration sheet,M20or 3/4NPT metal stopping plug, Hex Allen key and quick release.
CH4 100%LEL-mA-YEL
Lead time: 5 - 6 weeks upon confirmation of order
Sensepoint XRL is a fixed point gas leak detector that is designed to meet the needs of industrial applications. With over 50 years experience in gas leak detection, Honeywell offers a flexible range of highly-reliable sensing devices to meet those needs.
• Quick installation
• Rapid configuration
• Simple to operate
• Straightforward to maintain
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DOD-GAS-0002DoDⓇ 2-600-001 ChemLogic 1 Continuous Monitor Analyser c/w:
- 2 adjustable gas alarm contact
- 1 system fault alarm contact
- 4 - 20mA output contact
Lead time: 10 - 14 weeks upon confirmation of order.
The ChemLogic® Single Point Continuous gas detection monitor provides field-proven ChemLogic® Technology in a NEMA 4X enclosure for the quick detection of low-level toxic and corrosive gases. From TDI gas and MDI gas, to ammonia, and hydrazine, the ChemLogic® 1 continuous gas detector has an extremely diverse application range. The CL1 is the next generation of interference free, low maintenance colorimetric gas detection.

This system is simple to install and utilizes 1/4″ OD X 3/16″ ID tubing to allow the sample to be drawn up to 150 feet. The innovative CL1 provides relay and analog outputs along with the ability to datalog events via a flash card. Customers experience advanced technology at a lower initial investment and reduced cost of ownership.
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DOD-CAS-0002DoDⓇ 1-600-020 ChemLogic 1 Cassette:
- 60 day duration
- Specifically for Diisocyanates (TDI / MDI / HDI / IPDI 0)
Lead time: 10 - 14 weeks upon confirmation of order.
ChemLogic® colorimetric cassettes offer extremely quick and reliable detection for an extensive list of gases. Shop our available tapes above, or, if you need a full detectable gas list please contact us today! These tapes are for the ChemLogic® 1 and ChemLogic® 2 continuous gas detection devices. Switch between gases with a change of tape, no gas keys are required. DOD Technologies ships tapes with a minimum of 8 months of life remaining. You can store our tapes in a freezer and use them when you need to.Gas / Chemical Leaks in a facility(ies)Download Catalog
HON-GAS-0005Honeywell SPM-Flex Portable ChemCassette Gas Detector c/w:
- Sample Wand Kit
- Handle for portable configuration
Lead time: 10 - 14 weeks upon confirmation
Stands up to harsh conditions. Working in the sun and rain, around blasts of steam, or other challenging environmental conditions?

The SPM Flex goes where you do, standing up to changes in temperature and humidity without compromising accuracy.
It also works well in cleanrooms, thanks to its Teflon coating that doesn’t attract dust. And if it’s ever exposed to toxic gas or caustic liquid, just hose it down or use a decontamination wipe.
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HON-CAS-0001Honeywell SPM-Flex CCS-30 Diisocyanate 30 day cassette.
Lead time: 10 - 14 weeks upon confirmation of order
Up to 30 Days of continuous monitoring of Toluene Diisocyanate, Methylene Bisphenyl Isocyanate, Hexamethylene Diisocyanate, Hydrogenated Xylene Diisocyanate, Methylene bis-, Isophorone Diisocyanate and Xylene Diisocyanate.

The field-swappable Chemcassettes for the Honeywell SPM Flex Tape-Based Monitor use advanced tape technology to show the presence of a target gas quickly and definitively with a physical record. Chemcassette technology is highly specific and reacts extremely fast to the presence of parts per billion (ppb) levels of many hazardous gases.

Each Chemcassette is manufactured to traceable ISO 9000 manufacturing standards by a world class team of highly trained chemists and each batch is calibrated with ultra pure gas that is traceable to nationally accepted standards. This means that the end user does not have to provide calibration facilities themselves thereby saving cost and reducing risks to their own staff.
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