Controlled Ascenders / Descenders

Considerations for selecting rescue and descent devices

  • Automatic, user or co-worker controlled descent

    Automatic evacuation and emergency escape devices require the least amount of training and knowledge by the user. For added flexiblity, user or coworker controlled devices allow for individuals to activate automatic control of the descent.

  • User or co-worker controlled ascent

    This rescue system is used when a worker must be rescued by another worker, typically called “pick-offs.” The rescuer descends to the fallen victim, connects to the victim’s system and then raises the victim slightly to enable disconnection of the victim’s fall arrest system, before descending with the victim to the lower level to complete the rescue.

  • Maximum height of operation

    Close attention must be given to selecting the appropriate system that can accommodate the height of rescue or descent needed. Systems typically have a maximum usable height based on design and performance. Also consider the overall size and weight of your complete system, and the type and style of lifeline.

  • Maximum number of users

    Systems can typically accommodate either one or two users (at the same time). This becomes extremely important if the system needs to be used for evacuation, or if it must be used for rescue of an unconscious worker. If rescuing a co-worker in a “pick-off” type application, the system must be able to support both the rescuer and the victim.

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